With Meteroid, you can seamlessly integrate usage-based billing, subscription management, and actionable insights into your existing infrastructure.
This platform is the bridge between your services and your customers, ensuring transparency, flexibility, and efficiency in billing processes.

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Key concepts

  • Usage-Based Billing:
    Our platform supports flexible usage-based billing models, in addition to more standard subscription models, allowing businesses to charge customers based on actual usage, fostering fairness and transparency.

  • Product Catalog:
    Meteroid’s versatile product catalog allows businesses to create, manage and evolve products and pricing plans, supporting both traditional and innovative pricing models.

  • Subscription Management:
    Comprehensive tools to manage subscriptions efficiently, including upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations, enhancing customer experience.

  • Real-Time Data Processing:
    Meteroid processes data in real-time, providing up-to-date insights and billing calculations, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction.

  • Actionable Insights:
    Our platform provides actionable insights into customer behavior, revenue streams, and billing processes, enabling data-driven decision-making and product-led growth strategies.

Why Meteroid ?

Meteroid addresses the complexities and limitations of traditional billing systems, particularly for businesses transitioning to usage-based models or product-led-growth principles. It eliminates the gap between customer usage and billing, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and satisfaction.

By providing real-time data processing and versatile management tools, Meteroid solves the critical problem of adapting billing processes to the digital age, catering to the evolving needs of both businesses and their customers.

How Meteroid Works

Meteroid integrates with your existing systems via a simple API, collecting data on customer usage and interactions. This data fuels the Meteroid billing engine, applying your custom pricing models to generate accurate, timely invoices.

Our platform simplifies the creation, scaling and maintenance of complex billing models, automates invoice generation, and provides clear, actionable insights for achieving your KPIs.

Meteroid Schema

Meteroid operates through a series of steps to ensure accurate billing and efficient subscription management:

  1. Data Ingestion: Capturing and processing usage data from various sources.
  2. Metric Calculation: Converting data into billable metrics.
  3. Billing Cycle Management: Automating invoicing and payment collection, upgrades, downgrades, churn management.
  4. Customer Dashboard: Providing customers with a self-service portal to manage their subscriptions and view usage.

For whom ?

Meteroid is designed for startups, SMEs, and enterprises looking to embrace some form of usage-based billing or product-led growth. It’s ideal for SaaS companies, digital service providers, and any business that requires a sophisticated, yet user-friendly billing solution to adapt to their growth strategy and the evolving needs of their customers.

Whether you’re a tech entrepreneur, a product manager, or a business executive, Meteroid provides the tools and flexibility needed to streamline your billing processes, enhance customer satisfaction and build for sustainable growth.

Build for Sustainable Growth

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of open source and open startup culture.
We believe in transparency and collaboration as foundational pillars that not only foster innovation but also build trust and community around our mission.

By choosing Rust as our core technology, we leverage its efficiency, reliability, and safety features, ensuring our platform is built on a solid, secure foundation.

Our focus on Product-Led Growth (PLG) reflects our commitment to creating products that drive user acquisition, retention, and expansion through their inherent value and user experience

This approach, combined with our open philosophy, guides us toward creating a more inclusive, sustainable future for the SaaS industries.